Independent Financial Advisory

Creating value in the execution of complex transactions and in the negotiation of corporate conflicts

Recognized in the Brazilian financial services market for our ability to execute complex transactions and mediate corporate conflicts
To create value for our clients by using our experience in financial and corporate governance restructuring, IPO structuring and M&A transactions, as well as our financial expertise and successful methodology proven by previous transactions.

Financial Restructuring

Debt conversion into equity, debt rescheduling, capitalization, asset monetization, cash management, and cost reductions

  • Capital Raise: Capital injection by the current and/or new shareholders and/or other financial sponsors in public or private operations

  • Debt Rescheduling: Renegotiation of debt / credit terms

  • Options: Conversion of debt into equity

  • M&A: Companies’ acquisition/sale/merger

  • Spin Off: Acquisition or sale of strategic assets

  • Corporate Governance: Realignment of companies’ governance structure


Negotiations involving complex terms and shareholding structures:

  • Negotiation: Leadership and support of the Company/Shareholders throughout the entire negotiation process

  • Networking: Use of its extensive network of relationships to look for potential investors

  • Valuation: Understanding of the Company’s real value

  • Funding: Use of capital markets’ experience to analyze financing viability

  • Due Diligence: support for the Company/Shareholders’ in the conduct of the due diligence process and identification of relevant issues


The IPO process demands preparation on many different fronts which require a specialized and, mainly, independent opinion on:

  • Valuation: Development of financial modeling and assistance in aligning shareholders' expectations

  • Team: Maximization of the process' efficiency and minimization of management disruption

  • Understandment the Process: Presentation and detailed explanation of all the process’ steps and highlight of relevant issues  

  • Process Risks: Mapping of all risks involved in the process

  • Governance: Structuring of the Company’s corporate governance policies

  • Coordination of Agents: Management of the many work teams and advisors involved in the process

Debt Issuances

Laplace Finanças advises its clients in the structuring of operations as well as fundraising with national and international investors. The financial products distribution team acts in an agile and efficient manner, participating in all fronts of the issuance process in order to better assist its clients. The main financial structured products for our clients in recent years include:

  • Debentures

  • Promissory Notes

  • CRI

  • CRA

  • Structured Operations