Asset Management

Through the expertise of its executives in asset and risk management, we currently have:

R$ 1.6 billions AUM

Anbima Dec 2018

Main Investment Strategies

Structured Credit

Focus on investments with a high degree of collateral and attractive returns

Flexibility to use different instruments:

  • Bonds and Loans

  • Debentures

  • FIDCs

  • FIIs

  • CRIs

  • CRAs

Mezzanine Debt

  • Convertible credits into equity or any assets of the borrower, being treated as equity interest in the balance sheet of the same

  • With the conversion or acquisition of warrants, creditors may receive corporate equity interest, allowing an increase in investor returns

DIP Financing

  • The "Debtor in Possession" is a company that has filed for bankruptcy but still hold property to which a creditor has a right.

  •  investment made for restructuring companies under legal protection, in need of "new money"

  • Priority of repayment in relation to creditors included in legal restructuring process with legislation protection

  • Priority of receipt on all administrative expenses (to be determined by the Judge)


Debts in default, whose characteristics are:

  • High discounts on the purchase of these securities

  • Greater flexibility of negotiation between the parties, so that it is possible to create "win-win" scenarios for both the investor and the debtor

  • Thesis based on the execution of the collateral guaranteed by the debt contract

Real Estate

  • Financing opportunities backed by residential, commercial and industrial real estate assets

  • Ability to work with assets in different stages of maturation (Greenfield, Brownfield, Retrofit, Points of Sale, Properties, etc.)